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The former head Shodown, completed his Chartered Accountancy qualification while on the job through the Australian Institute! Rumour is all HOMs will quickly be informed, in the occasion that they haven’t already, that their jobs will soon be historical past as authorities prepares to consolidate the basic public service into simply 5 tremendous ministries. There’s hope for the little individuals yet chooks because of the Judiciary!

The dog must also be supplied with a radio and a torch. Seems Madame Stately Secretary is to host a gaggle of gals to munchies at Traders when she drops by. With Gender issues a stable subject for a great old chin wag, what better way to move the day than interact in an excellent old natter over fish and chips . Aitutaki council, leaders and port people are doing their darndest to lift the $15 million wanted to carry out their harbour project! Seems no-one has that amount to spare! The downside with the Cooks is that depopulation has distorted the individuals to cost to income ratios required to justify large expenditures.

That way we'll know precisely how much the paddlers spend. There is talk around city of a new political celebration being contemplated. The feeling is the time is right for a new “middle of the road” party that can current trustworthy, reliable, reliable candidates. The new celebration would only need to win maybe three seats to be a pressure to be reckoned with. Isn’t the free filtered and handled water system at Tupapa initiated by the native MP and funded by the Kiwi High Com just nice chooks!

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The new NZ High Commissioner John Carter is also a rugby fanatic and golden oldie participant. Now’s your likelihood you rugby golf equipment to sign up two name players. A Political Park where politicians will become a protected species for overseas visitors to view and admire! The park shall be run by a Trust Board and abroad donors sought to fund analysis projects aimed toward conserving politicians and likewise discovering out what makes them tick, what sort of food they like and so forth. Of course the costs involved are likely to be huge. Familiar with those measuring units chooks?

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